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The Possible Innate Healing Source?

I started asking questions at five years of age.

Our CFT principle states that the innate wisdom of the body knows exactly what it needs to do to heal itself at that moment. We do not try to fix, adjust, manipulate, or cure the body of anything. We just listen to it and follow what it structurally needs to do.

A mystery of science is that no one has ever found an organ where this healing wisdom exists. Well maybe it is not in an organ. Maybe it is embedded in the craniosacral fascial system. If so, that might explain some of our profound CFT results may be close to the purest essence of healing.

It makes sense. This full-body system connects the nervous tissues to every structural cell and holds a lifetime of emotional and physical trauma. It is like our own Internet where all of our cells are communicating with each other 24/7. When we cut a finger or take a bruise, the system is hard-wired to immediately send healing cells. Going a step further in the Internet metaphor, it may work like the hundredth monkey story with the wireless mother/baby dyad connection.

When we do CFT, the body is saying that forgotten bike accident at nine is what needs to be healed right now. For whatever reason(s), now is not the time for that cord wrapped birth trauma to be healed. That may come later.

I believe that this system is always trying to heal itself, but sometimes it needs some “knowing” CFT hands to help get unstuck. The most profound work can be at birth in the golden hour where the fresh soft tissue traumas are poised to return to a more physiologic state.

If this concept is ever shown to be true, it would make the most sense to have the healthiest craniosacral fascial system possible. The brain would be expanding and contraction at a relaxed pace, the cerebrospinal fluid would be flowing well, and the entire fascial web would be very loose and clean.

It is something to think about.

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