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The Ramifications of an Episiotomy Scar

For providers I want to emphasize the importance of the episiotomy scar. I saw a new patient yesterday with L5 pain issues. She has tried everything to heal with surgery now presenting as her last resort.

She had some tearing and an episiotomy from her first delivery about twenty years ago. In her CFT session she connected the L5 and episiotomy scar dots, and we found severe strain twisting through her pelvis/back/neck into her TMJ. Upon release she felt some relief leaving the office and scheduled another visit to go deeper into her onion.

CFT revolves around what is pulling on what in the craniosacral fascial system. We learned in our infant research that freedom in the pelvic floor was the key area for complete healing of all of the conditions above it. The breastfeeding, reflux, sinus, eye issues, etc. did not completely clear until the pelvic fascia was happy.

CFT is listening to the body to assist its healing. An episiotomy may seem like a minor surgical procedure, but like any other scar, it can be a lightening rod for the craniosacral fascial system. In time this scar can extend its fascial tentacles into many organs and create distant and seemingly unrelated issues.

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