The Real World

I was humbled by the real world today and became very grateful for everything that has been given to me.

I was asked to see an NAS baby in the NICU today in a Philly hospital. The mother had taken many drugs during her pregnancy and wanted to have an abortion but just never got around to it.

When the doctor told me that she had the baby at home, I felt very stupid asking if a midwife was present. The doctor said mom delivered the baby herself, cut the cord, and called the medics. The baby has been in the NICU a while and still has no name.

What kind of physical and psychological issues will this human being have? I helped to free up his pelvis and shoulders by releasing a lot of tension in him….I hope that helps him in life. I trust God is in control.

As I write this piece, whatever health issues I have are very minimal……I have lived a very privileged life. I am fine.

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