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The Tongue—Continued

I recently wrote about a 20-month-old who could not move his tongue. He has eating issues, delayed speech, and has been on commercial formula his entire life.

After his first CFT visit his parents reported that he was moving his tongue better. But today I connected the dots in the time/space continuum to hopefully get to the root cause of his problem.

After birth he latched, sucked, and swallowed beautifully for the first day of his life. After his botched circumcision on the second day, he never nursed the same. Even with two tongue and lip-tie revisions, many doctors, PTs, OTs, and speech therapists had no answer.

I found a strong craniosacral fascial strain running from his circumcision scar to his throat and mouth. Continued oral CFT alone may help him, but I believe the surgical strain needs to be mitigated over a series of visits for a more complete correction.

This bizarre connection has a strong lesson for me: In the craniosacral fascial system everything is connected to everything else in space and time. If you are in the disease management business, thinking in the conventional medical manner can keep you trapped in the dark. If you are in the CFT corrective business, this way of thinking can give you a new light on disease.

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