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The Trauma of Non-Progressive Posterior Labor

This summer I had a month old in my office who was healthy and seemed fine. However, she had some spit up problems, never liked to lay flat, had trouble falling off to sleep, and would easily waken if moved once asleep. The grandma got mom to bring in the baby since she had read your brochure in my office and experienced CFT herself.

I was called by the grandma to assisted with this hospital based-birth after 24 hours of a non-progressive posterior labor with premature rupture of membranes. I assisted mom to resolved the posterior lay quickly with an old midwives trick and the mom dilated from 2 to 10 in about an hour. At that point the doctors were occupied by other mothers who were also ready to deliver so they turned up the epidural and told the mother to rest and ignore any urge to push. Mom and dad, since the baby’s heartbeat was strong, decided to just follow the hospital/doctor/nurses recommendation.

While doing a web on the baby, along with Rose, she twisted and crunched her little body. I recognised this as a position a baby stuck in a posterior position for hours during labor or delayed in the birth canal would experience. As she twisted, crunched and stretched the fascial tension was really strong and the baby would twist and pull herself into this crunched position and then quickly stretch herself out into an opposite position.

The baby then fully relaxed and fell into a deep sleep on my massage table. Mom was really stunned because she was laying completely flat on the table, something she had never done before and complained greatly with any attempt to get her to lay flat. We let her sleep a little while then mom transferred her to her car seat, something prior to her CFT session would have assured that the baby woke immediately and would become very fussy. Baby was able to sleep comfortably through the transfer. Since that one session baby has not had any spit up issues, sleep issues, or difficulty in laying flat.

This family has you to thank for their baby’s relief and ease. Thank you for letting me (and Rose) be a part of it. It is a wonderful thing you have done for the world. What a legacy! So a very Happy Birthday!! You have done a lot in your 68 years!

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