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The Umbilical Cord

The beautiful thing about CFT at birth is that we are dealing with a universal issue. Every human has an umbilical cord, spends months in a uterus, and is born.

The umbilical cord, the lifeblood to the fetus, forms in the fifth week of development. The umbilical vein supplies oxygenated blood to the fetal heart and the two umbilical arteries return the deoxygenated blood to the placenta. The cord is firm and fully develops to about twenty inches in length.

As the fetus moves, the umbilical cord can become twisted around its body or even knotted. We know that the craniosacral fascial system can remember its trauma back to conception. So if the cord is wrapped with compressive pressure for a period of time around an appendage or the trunk, the system can remember that unseen trauma for a lifetime. Thus, this important umbilical cord component is part of the Baby Brain Score.

The factor of time continues to puzzle us. How long does tissue compression or a neck/body twist have to last (minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months) for a craniosacral fascial strain to develop? Does a longer time span mean more CFT is needed to work it out?

A critical health factor for any human being is having the cord wrapped around its neck in utero and its subsequent potential lifetime of issues. Even though the cord appears loose at birth, it may have caused unseen damage in utero.

We believe that CFT at birth is paramount. When an infant is working out strains in CFT, we do not make a judgment around the specific birth trauma causes of the strain. We understand that it happened somewhere in the in utero, labor, and delivery experience and just needs to be worked out for optimal health.

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