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Three Tongue-Tie Revisions in Seven Weeks

A seven-week-old infant presented today with latching issues. He also had reflux and was very fussy; he cried the minute he came into the office and was never happy for the entire visit. He had his first TT revision at three-days-old and repeated twice more. He was also circumcised. He had craniosacral fascial strain in his pelvis, trunk, neck, left TMJ, tongue, and floor of his mouth. In all honesty, I would be unhappy too. At this point mom does not feel that surgery is the answer since he is worse off now, and realizes his problem is greater than a pure feeding issue.

Mom quickly added that he may be an only child; she did not want to go through this ordeal again. I calmly talked her off the ledge by explaining that his condition is common for infants with many layers of craniosacral fascial strain. As we saw so often in our infant research, the strain is probably pulling from his lower body structures into his oral area resulting in futile surgical results. She agreed to have a series of CFT/IDM visits, and I expect a “happy baby”. I would have loved to have seen him at five minutes of age.

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