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Toe Walking

I evaluated a new patient, a 10-year-old boy from Norway, who has pain walking. His mother also said he had some cognitive issues. Doctors home said he would grow out of his toe-walking as a heavier adult.

The backstory: He was stuck in the transverse fetal position until his C-section. He did not crawl or creep; when he stood, he naturally toe walked. Even now at ten, he feels comfortable toe walking.

Upon examination, I found a distinct fascial toe-walking strain in his feet/legs. That strain was pulling into his lower back, all the way into his head and neck causing a zero-second brain cycle. After a one-hour session with me, his body was much looser, and his brain cycle went to 100 seconds. I felt it was a life-changing first visit. I recommended a followup visit while they were in America.

This case perfectly demonstrates the space-time continuum. Space: how the lower body fascial strain (walking pain) can pull into the cranium and restrict the brain motion (cognitive issues). Time: the sustained fetal compression as the root cause of his issues. I believe the work at birth would have saved this family ten years of angst.

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