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Tongue Always Hanging Out, Drooping Eyelid, and Puffy Eye Tissue

New disease applications for the work always seem to find my practice. A six-month-old presented with always having his tongue hang out, a drooping eyelid, and a puffy left eye area. All of his medical providers dismissed these issues by asserting that he will grow out of them.

In my world these are all important factors for health. With his tongue constantly hanging out and as a former dental specialist, I am possibly looking at future speech problems, orthodontic issues, airway narrowing, and swallowing difficulty. Those are just conditions I am thinking of right off the bat.

I noticed his eye issues the second I looked at him. His right eye was open completely, but his left eyelid was drooping and his left eye area looked puffy. The doctors said there was no infection, but there was a distinct difference in his visage. Something was amiss.

The big factor at birth was the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck (double nuchal cord), a huge red flag in the Gillespie Approach. On examination he had severe neck and hyoid fascial strain, which was pulling into his tongue and left eye area. His clinically tight areas corresponded perfectly to his specific conditions.

I focused on these strains at the first therapy visit. With mom helping me connect the dots, his zero-second brain cycle opened nicely. The fascia started to beautifully release in his tongue and his left eye area.

Afterwards, he had an interesting look as if to say, “Where do I put my tongue now?” Better he go through these visits upstream rather than deal with all the downstream consequences later in life. I told his parents that all of this therapy should have been done on day one, with easier releases and less drama.

Thank you Gillespie Approach therapists for your infant work. This life-changing approach can make you feel like all things are possible.

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