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Tongue Issues in Nursing

Last week a mom of a 5-week-old contacted me. The mom has been told that she is not producing enough breast milk for her infant. She had two visits with the hospital LLC, visits with a La Leche Leader, several visits and conversations with her pediatrician and his nurse. All felt that the baby was sucking fine and might only have a very sight irregular movement of her tongue and a slight tightness of the tongue and upper lip. Mom came to me to see if I could help her continue to breastfeed and stop supplementing.

I found the baby to have some fascial tension at the base of the skull leading to the tip of the tongue, other tension from the base of the skull to the base of the tongue, and still other tension from the top of the tongue that connected to the jaw. All of this tension was released during her first CFT session.

The mother immediately placed the baby to the breast and noticed an instant difference in her suck and positioning. She stated that her infant’s jaw had never moved prior to the CFT session but now moved with each suck. She was also able to open her mouth wider than ever before. Also, the mother felt that the suck was stronger and improved. Over the last four days the mother has noticed more fullness in her breasts and feels that she is getting an increased supply. This baby is due to have another CFT session this week.

I am so thrilled to be able to help this mommy and baby!

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