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Tongue Tie Revisited

Krissy Myers reports this story this evening reminding us that everyone sees the world a little differently:

“A mother called Mike and I for her 5-year-old son who has major speech issues. His speech therapist diagnosed him with TT. He has never been treated with any bodywork. All of her other children had TTs as babies with breastfeeding issues, etc. The local cranial osteopath told her that craniosacral work resolves TT…no need for revision.

Some of her children were resolved from their TT from his manipulation and some were not. The unsuccessful ones struggled severely with breastfeeding, and she could not afford the time or money to continue the treatments.

Somehow he was able to breastfeed as a baby, but he can hardly say any words. I do not understand German (Amish), but I can clearly hear that he is TT. In CFT world he has pelvic strain pulling into his throat, mandible, and all the mylohyoid tissues. She wants to continue with CFT rather than do a revision on him, so we will see what we can do. If the TT does not resolve fully with CFT, a revision may be in order.”

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