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Tongue Trauma and Strain in the Craniosacral Fascial System

We questioned in our six years of baby research, how can the fetal tongue be directly traumatized and strained? We believe that the tongue and other oral tissues are primarily strained indirectly due to the interconnectedness of the fascial web.

We often see strain starting in the pelvis, traversing through the neck, and going into the tongue, or the floor of the mouth, palate, eyes, sinuses, and other cranial structures. By connecting the dots in the web, we often see symptoms distant from the original area of trauma.

We also see this in scar formation after surgery. The restriction of the craniosacral fascial system can occur in tissues distant to the surgical procedure. As new symptoms later appear, most health care providers do not connect the dots in space and time.

We also see the unity of the craniosacral fascial system in correction. CFT over the throat/chest can release the strain deep in the respiratory system, which can be very corrective for children with asthma.

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