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Torticollis, Plagiocephaly, Pelvic Twist, and Brain Cycles

An eleven-week-old baby presented with torticollis and plagiocephaly. He had the classic torticollis craniosacral fascial pelvic twist corkscrewing up his trunk into his neck and cranium. He presented as a relatively happy baby with a twenty-second brain cycle. Most torticollis babies are considerably fussier with more restrictive zero brain cycles.

I spent less than ten minutes helping him work out a lot of the pelvic twisting. He certainly let us know that he could feel that strain, and mom nicely “rode the bull”. Afterwards, I said to myself, let me see if the brain has responded with just this limited CFT. Amazingly, his brain cycle had skyrocketed to 150 seconds. That confirms our infant research in the craniosacral fascial system on how dependent the upper body structures are with strain patterns originating in the pelvis. For the brain cycle to increase that dramatically, the cranial bones must have shifted significantly into better balance with the release of the pelvic strains. All of the tissues in between must have opened up too, allowing for better overall function and mobility.

Mom emailed this report the night after this first visit: “My son had his most successful tummy time ever this evening. He held himself up on his forearms for longer than he’s ever been able to do, had excellent neck control, and could straighten his legs easily. My husband noticed the difference right away!”

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