Torticollis, Swallowing, Stridor, and Voice Issues

In the pediatric world torticollis, swallowing, stridor, and voice issues are all separate conditions. In the craniosacral fascial system, they can all be effects of unresolved birth trauma.

Yesterday on her third visit a toddler with conventionally treated torticollis is presenting with breathing and swallowing issues. She has the classical stridor sound, and mom said she cannot swallow larger pieces of food.

In our view the torticollis craniosacral fascial strain is extending into her throat. We are just connecting the dots in space.

Two hours later a young woman presented for her 20th visit. She has been losing her voice during therapy the last few weeks for no reason. She has peeled her onion back into a deep torticollis strain that is pulling hard on her larynx.

Many of us are now living the effects of our birth traumas. The work at birth will change everything.

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