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Triple AAA Roadside Assistance Guide for the CFT Practitioner

I tend to be a left brained lover of details and science. This tendency can be a hindrance when doing CFT since I really need to be in my right brain and “listening” more than thinking. Creating the AAA mantra has helped me stay in the moment and not drift into a technical stupor blocking treatment.

AAA = Ask, Allow and Assist.


CFT practitioners “ask” their clients what they need, how they can help and where the “yes” is presenting. This is done not through words, but by strategic hand placement and intention.


By detaching from the outcome during treatment, placing ego on the bench and creating a safe environment for the client, CFT practitioners “Allow” movement that might present after asking. Maintaining therapeutic presence is essential for allowing.


If movement presents, then the practitioner has the privilege and responsibility of assisting the client in acquiring the necessary body position to release the strain pattern.

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