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Twins and One-Year Follow-Up, Proving CFT Holds up Over Time

We saw a new set of twins today. Each boy had significant issues that needed CFT. Having treated about 6 sets over the years, we see a similar pattern. Two bodies vying for space in a pressured area = CSF strain and unhappiness. Usually one takes more of a beating. At this point we do not know a way around this. Mom related that Baby B was continually folded over on her left side for months (ouch); all the sonograms confirmed her perception. In CFT today he was severely doubled over to no surprise. Baby A moved around, stretched out, and had his own different issues. Our 5 year observation: In utero is no picnic for ANY baby…………..We are continually amazed at the physical resilience of the one-year checkup toddlers. An Amish mom related today when the treated child had bumps and bruises, he did not cry, got up, and was not hurt. She said her older two at that age would have cried their eyes out. She cannot understand that, and in all honesty, we do not have the whole picture ourselves. We just know it is great…… We wonder how long in life that lasts?

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