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Umbilical Hernia

A mom relates her baby’s story:

“At the six-week pediatric visit my son’s navel was still severely herniated, which is different than the normal herniation all babies experience after birth. The doctor told us that in most cases, particularly if the infant doesn’t seem to be in pain on palpation (our son was not in pain), the herniation resolves by the age of two. If it does not clear by age four or five, a pediatric surgeon would perform a ‘simple’ corrective surgery.”

As background material, we know that 90% of umbilical hernias in newborns heal by four weeks on their own. Mom originally had brought her child in for torticollis. I spent the first two visits working in the pelvic/abdominal area since the corkscrew effect of his torticollis started there. When I checked for pelvic strain yesterday, he looked very quiet. Mom surprisingly related that his unmentioned umbilical hernia had healed. We are assuming that trauma caused craniosacral fascial strain and his hernia. In practice sometimes a mom will bring in the baby for one condition, and because of the breadth of the craniosacral fascial system, other conditions will also correct.

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