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In-Utero Emotional Release

by Dr. Barry Gillespe and Krissy Myers

A few months ago I was relating to Krissy Myers my emotional releases from my in-utero experience in 1947. She wanted to share her story with everyone:

“I believe my four-year-old daughter is going through the same thing right now. It started in October when she suddenly moved her bowels only every 5-6 days. Nothing else was different in her life. She had some small strain patterns but nothing significant. In January while I was in the midst of my own structural crisis, she started arching heavily. The strain pulled from her frontal bone, sinuses, and mandible into her pelvis via an arch. She did not have any traumas, so Mike and I viewed this issue as in utero strain.

Within a week, she wasn’t eating much and developed what appeared to be a virus. Her emotional state changed completely by becoming fearful and acting hopelessly. Everything caused her to become hysterical. This was how I felt through the whole fertility process and during her pregnancy. That fertility process left me feeling hopeless, and I was unable to shed that feeling even after I became pregnant. My hemorrhaging at the beginning of the pregnancy was extremely traumatic, and I held that fear through delivery.

Even though she has returned to her happy self, my daughter goes back into this emotional state with each CFT session, but with less and less strain and intensity. I know without a doubt, she is releasing my emotions while she was in utero.”

My questions are:

Can CFT help to release deep emotions acquired in utero?
How much of the crying in CFT/IDM is emotional release?
Can CFT help to prevent some psychological issues later in life?

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