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The Vibration of Releasing Fascia

By Deelena Black Patton and Dr. Barry Gillespie

There are some days in life that you will never forget.

In 1980 I was doing cranial work on a patient in my dental office in Massachusetts. Her neck started to move which I later found out from John Barnes that fascia was in play. OK, in my mind things were still under control.

Then the patient’s neck and upper body started to vibrate. This was NOT in the plan. Little beads of sweat formed on my forehead. My mind raced about how my practice would soon be toast.

After a few minutes it stopped. I exhaled. The patient was fine and even felt a little looser. Such was the life of a clinical pioneer.

What I discovered was that for a few patients, their releasing tight fascia can normally vibrate or their body can shake. It is not a seizure and may last minutes, hours, or longer.

At a Gillespie Approach Training, one student vibrated for hours each of the three days. She just laid on a treatment table while the rest of the students, occasionally monitoring her, moved on. She later told the group and wrote a website essay that this was her most profound healing ever.

Patients may even start vibrating on their own at home. This may be especially true if they are lying quietly in bed. At first they may feel that this phenomenon is odd. But when they start to feel better, it becomes the norm. Most of these patients are adults; rarely will a child vibrate. I have never seen vibration in an infant.

I cannot explain this scientifically. One of our principles is to listen to the body and allow it to do whatever it needs to do to heal itself. Some people have to vibrate or shake.

I will not make a judgment right or wrong, good or bad. I accept it as normal for that patient. It may look odd, but when the fascia releases, the body is looser and the patient feels better.

For the clinical aspect Delenna Black Patton suggests to keep your hands on the patient while offering support. Explain to them this vibration is normal. You should act calmly if an emotional release occurs. This is the process of authentic healing.

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