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The Work at Birth, Twenty-Two Years Later

Today was a special day. This is why I am excited about the work on the first day of life.

In 1999, I worked at a holistic health center outside of Philadelphia. When one of the nurses had a baby, she and her nurse mother insisted that I treat the newborn on day one.

Since I had worked on babies for 20 years, I had a specific protocol. What I did not know at the time was that seven years later I would start the infant research spanning six years and 800 babies where my understanding and techniques would exponentiate to a much greater level.

I did the best I could for that baby. As health care providers, we can only do the best that we can with what we know at the time. We do not know what we do not know.

Fast forward 22 years with mom frantically calling me. Her “baby” just graduated from college, and in the celebration fell off a motor scooter going 25 mph and broke his nose on the pavement. Can you see him today?

I had not seen him since that first day. This has been a common forty-year trend where after infant therapy, many children never need to return for care.

I checked his brain cycle expecting the usual tight head and found a cycle of 170 seconds. WOW. He is the baby that I always write about here who has all the therapy on day one and leaves the hospital calm and relaxed and breathing well, nursing well, digesting well, pooping well, and napping well.

He had no pain symptoms from the accident and his fascial web looked good, even with past knee surgeries, sports injuries, and other traumas. This validates our concept of “structural immunity” discovered in the Lancaster research in the living flesh. We found that it was great to work on infants, but it could be even better when all of the work was done on the first day of life.

After a deep fascial strain running from his nose into his neck released nicely, he was good to go. I felt a deep sense of gratitude for this unexpected experience. I trust the world will get it someday.

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