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Wrapped Umbilical Cord and Brachial Plexus Injury

At 68 this is what fills my “golden years”. A five-week-old presented with nursing issues, reflux, colic, and gas. She recently had her lip and tongue-ties revised. At birth the umbilical cord was wrapped tightly from under her right armpit to around her neck. She came into the world purple, and dad reported that she did not take her first breath for about thirty seconds. She also has a right brachial plexus injury inhibiting specific motions of her right arm.

In my mind these conditions are very doable except for possibly the brachial plexus injury. I would expect positive healing with CFT/IDM from a compressive/stretching injury. I would not expect CFT/IDM correction with nerve tissue tearing. We will not know the outcome until therapy is complete.

If I ruled the world, this newborn and every other human being would have been checked at birth. She would have failed the Baby Brain Score (BBS), requiring immediate CFT/IDM. I am looking forward to the day when people do not have to suffer their entire lives needlessly because they had a difficult birth. This is my core “retirement” message.

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