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Your Breastfed Baby Does Not Have To Poop Every Day

“Your breastfed baby does not have to poop every day. Even going a week or longer is fine.” Krissy, Mike, and I strongly disagree with this thinking.

Staten Island parents brought their son with torticollis and plagiocephally to me for CFT. He also had constipation where not going for four to five days was common. But their medical provider said not to worry. Because he was breastfed, it was OK to go a week or even longer. We often see constipation in many torticollis babies because their fascial stain is corkscrewing from their pelvis up through their abdominal cavity (GI tract) to their shoulders/neck (torticollis) and head (plagiocephally).

Yesterday he returned for his second CFT visit. Mom ecstatically said his constipation was gone immediately after the initial CFT visit. I had done a lot of pelvic work. He now goes at least once a day, sometimes twice, and yesterday three times. The extended family is amazed. She also reports his head shape is better.

We have seen this bowel phenomenon when the infant research started nine years ago. To be totally honest, hearing this from parents used to drive us crazy. The conventional medical world does not recognize that tight babies can have some very specific issues like constipation.

Our hypothesis is that birth trauma restricts the craniosacral fascial system in the pelvic/abdominal area. We know from anatomy that the fascial web connects EVERY cell in the intestinal tract. For proper elimination the natural peristaltic wave must push the waste products through the GI tube.

We believe that the craniosacral fascial restriction can inhibit peristalsis and create constipation. CFT can free up this restriction to resume normal daily bowel movements. As I explained to the parents yesterday, even better to have the work done at birth for prevention. They said it will be a different story for baby #2.

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