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Zero Brain Cycle in Newborns

Zero brain cycle is never a fun place to be. I have discussed what zero brain cycles can mean for children and adults. The big question is, how does it affect newborns/infants?

In our infant research we found that the great majority of fussy Lancaster, Pa. infants had a zero brain cycle. We will never know how they felt. Did they have a headache? a neck ache? eye pain? sinus pain? back pain? nausea???

We assumed that they had a lot of pressure in their heads. We found that many with breastfeeding issues had TMJ pain. When that pain cleared with CFT, the breastfeeding returned to normal.

The head does not even have to be directly traumatized for a zero brain cycle. The full-body fascial web can be injured where the strain can twist and extend into the cranial dural meninges creating a zero cycle.

Maybe the newborn body with a minor trauma can heal itself to allow some brain motion. But what about the severely traumatized newborn who may be forced to live a lifetime at zero cycle. My sincere wish for the global newborn work is that no human being has to needlessly live her/his lifetime with a zero brain cycle because of a traumatic birth.

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