Bedwetting/Coughing/Back Pain/Strabismus Boy Part 3

Just when you think you have seen it all, something new arises.

The boy from the last two posts of October 30 and October 4 has stalled in his progress after a number of visits. What is the problem?

Mom mentioned that at almost nine years of age, he still sucks his thumb all night and most of the day. We know that fetuses and infants do it. I sucked my thumb until I was five.

What I found at today’s visit was totally unexpected. When he sucks his thumb, his great brain cycle of over 200 seconds goes to zero seconds. Ouch. Even though I can find only minimal strain in his body, this habit is jamming his entire craniosacral fascial system.

Practitioners please take note: we can add thumbsucking to the list of things that can take the brain cycle to zero seconds: orthodontic braces, orthodontic palatal expanders, orthodontic retainers, metal frame glasses, plastic hair bands, maxillary dentures, maxillary TMJ night guards, et al. In breaking ground in this field we need to be alert in finding the root cause of an issue.

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