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Circumcision Revisited

This story compliments my September 3, 2013, post on circumcision.

A four-week-old boy has gas, indigestion, and irregular poops. He was fine until his circumcision. Please remember any surgery can strain the craniosacral fascial system, causing issues.

The back story: Mom had a natural uneventful hospital birth. The newborn’s grandmother, who has been doing Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy for more than 15 years, worked on him extensively to clear him of craniosacral fascial strain.

On my evaluation, his upper body was clear with a 120-second brain cycle, but he had a tight pelvic floor pulling into his trunk. With one visit of therapy his brain cycle jumped to 250 seconds.

As an important note, he had a hard cry of at least ten minutes after therapy, very unusual for an infant session. My hypothesis is that when that surgical layer of his onion was revisited, the emotional and physical pain surfaced. But now without anesthesia, he felt it all. This is very similar to painful C-section scar therapy, now releasing without anesthesia.

Mom reported via email that night he was back to normal pooping and was more relaxed, less fussy and cranky. He was calmer and slept for 3.5 hours after the visit. Following up with more Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, his grandmother reported the next day:

“When I treated him this afternoon, he still had a tight congested left hip, pelvic floor, groin, and lower abdomen. A fascial twist from his pelvic floor pulled through his back into his head.

In therapy he was twisting, rolling, and wanted to be upside down, relating to in utero and birthing strain. A distinct tightness at the base of his penis also released after a series of sessions.

Thereafter, he fell sound asleep, and everyone commented that he was more peaceful and alert the rest of the day. He seemed to return to his presurgical calm demeanor.”

By the way, I checked mom, who developed right neck/ear pain, from the delivery. After she had ten stitches for tearing, that unseen pelvic strain was pulling up into her neck and head. As part of the space/time continuum, we always need to connect the dots in space. Her zero-second brain cycle opened to 90 seconds. My global goal: Newborn/maternal therapy at birth. I rest my case.

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