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Concussion and Vision

A man in his 40s has had six concussions in his lifetime. The most recent one last summer took him to a place where he could not focus, concentrate, had light and sound sensitivities, headaches, and could not drive or function as an engineer.

All of his CAT scans and MRIs were clear, and his doctor diagnosed him with arthritis. His headache medication was ineffective.

He presented with a zero-second brain cycle and was tight everywhere in his body. After three visits, he amazingly cleared many of his issues as his brain cycle opened to 140 seconds. Most adults in their 40s do not respond this quickly and well symptomatically.

The only time his headaches surfaced was after his physical therapy visits. Therapists were trying to regain his normal eye function with specific exercises.

I hypothesize that the exercises, which cannot release tight fascia, accessed but did not clear his fascial strain patterns. Authentic healing requires facilitating the fascial web to revisit the trauma in space and time and clear that layer of the onion.

Since each eye had its own distinct fascial strain pattern from his pelvis, both eyes could not function well together. After one visit of just releasing his eye strain, his brain cycle jumped to 200 seconds. I expect that his eyes will correct nicely in a few visits.

Many patients have deep-rooted eye conditions due to fascial strain pulling from their neck, trunk, or pelvis. The vision profession needs to look beyond the eye sockets and embrace this full-body concept.

My patient said with engineering reasoning: “It just makes sense. Everything in the body is connected where one part can pull on another.” I hope the world gets this viewpoint someday.

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