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Connecting the Dots for a Twelve-Year-Old Boy

These children are everywhere.

An active twelve-year-old boy presents with three specific issues that would require three different medical specialties. I will connect all the dots into the function of the craniosacral fascial system.

His chief complaint was pain in his left knee. Under pressure, his left knee would collapse medially causing pain. I found on exam that his left leg was straining into internal rotation from his foot to his hip. The distorted fascial presentation matched his description of his leg weakness.

His mom also said that he suffered from anxiety. He presented with a zero-second brain cycle, often associated with anxiety, ADHD, and focus and concentration issues. He has a long history of “head whacks,” all probable contributing factors.

HIs mom also stated that he has had asthma from birth, which limits his activity. As a result, he was a mouth-breather as noted by his enlarged maxillary anterior gingiva. Mom said that he was stuck during the delivery, and the doctor quickly him pulled out.

When I started therapy, that left leg was straining into his iaphragm, the main breathing muscle of the body. Once the fascia started to relax, his brain cycle opened nicely.

The goal of the Gillespie Approach is to discover the root cause of the problem(s) and not just manage the symptom(s). Mom said he was a terrible archer as a newborn. BINGO. This arching pattern intensely returned in therapy and was pulling fiercely into his respiratory system. It is no wonder he had asthma at birth.

I have never seen a newborn with asthma. Instead of questioning the root cause of this unusual situation, professionals are often quick to prescribe meds, which may be unnecessarily prescribed for a lifetime. 

Medical professionals need to think in terms of the function of the full-body craniosacral fascial system for optimal health.

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