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“Mom, I Love to Read.”

Recently a mom brought her six-year-old daughter in for evaluation. Mom was open to therapy because of her doctor’s recommendation. This young girl’s conditions were headache, ADHD, stomach pain, and focus and concentration issues. The umbilical cord was wrapped at birth. She presented with the typical zero-second brain cycle and various fascial strain patterns.

She did well after a series of visits, so much so that I will be working with everyone in her family. Her brain cycle had gone from zero seconds to 230 seconds, and her fascial web opened nicely. Mom said that she was happier and calmer in her body and many of the above issues were clearing out.

I love this work when something unexpectedly happens. Today mom said that in the weeks after therapy started, she began to read. The acid test was when she was in a classroom setting with her peers, her teacher asked her to read a specific sentence. She rolled her eyes like this is soooo easy and read it perfectly. None of the other students could do that.

Mom said that before therapy she would have been unable to read just like the others. The only variable in that time frame was the therapy. The look on mom’s face was priceless as she told this story. For the last forty years I have believed that a relaxed brain is paramount for optimal cognitive function.

Mom’s final comment was her daughter told her that she loved to read because it opened the whole world to her. Honestly, does life get any better than that?

This narrative reminded me of My Starfish Story. I was grateful to help this one child. Hopefully, when the world gets the “therapy at birth” concept, everyone will have this cognitive benefit.

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